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Basement Ideas

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If you live in the densely populated London boroughs, or even in the surrounding suburbs and commuting counties, space is hard to find. If you want a larger property you will either find it too costly, or discover that what you need is rare or well-nigh impossible to find.

The solution, of course, is to enlarge your existing house. You can go up into the loft if planning permission allows, but the space you can gain there is limited. You could go outwards, but then you’re encroaching on precious outdoor space. So why not go downwards instead, and create a whole new section of living space underneath your home.

Here at Capital Basements we have helped hundreds of happy clients realise their grand design dreams by converting existing cellars and basements or excavating a completely new one.

Gone are the days when basements were cold, dark, damp spaces fit for little more than storing coal or unwanted junk. New construction methods, using waterproof membrane systems, make building or converting a basement an extremely viable option for providing luxury living space, suitable for a whole range of uses. We can even bring in natural light and ventilation, and finish the rooms to top quality standards with any design features you wish to incorporate.

We have made basements our business because of their remarkable flexibility in usage, and the fact that they can add far more space than just that provided by the footprint of the house by extending under the garden if you wish.

Since we have been building basements in and around London we have come across all manner of ideas for their use.

Because external access to a basement can be created, they are perfect for a home office, or make an ideal “granny flat”. For a large family a basement can provide much-needed extra bedrooms, playroom, games room or TV lounge for the kids.

Many home-owners utilise their basement as a home theatre. Mood lighting and audio-visual equipment can all be wired in during the construction phase, making a superb soundproof bespoke space for leisure and pleasure. This is just one of the options for making your basement the entertainment hub of the home. Why not turn it into a cosy bar room, a party palace, a snooker room or designer “den”?

If your needs are more practical, there is no problem with installing plumbing in the basement space for utilitarian purposes. So you can turn the basement into an attractive, modern kitchen-diner, luxury bathroom, or laundry room.

Those who like to keep fit have turned their basements into a fully-equipped gym. We’ve also installed basements to be used as saunas, and therapeutic massage or meditation spaces.

A basement is the ideal location for an indoor swimming pool which can be used year-round.

Whatever your inspiration for the use of your basement, give us a call and we will discuss how best we can make the space work for you. With a modern basement you can think “outside the box” way beyond just a workshop or wine cellar.

Our design team can create innovative solutions to utilise space effectively, and ensure the new area is well lit using both natural and artificial lighting. Click here to see just some of the benefits of creating a basement underneath your home.

Some ideas include:

  • Bedrooms
  • Playrooms
  • Cinema rooms
  • Entertainment rooms
  • Gyms
  • Spa / Shower rooms
  • Bars
  • Kitchens